Tips – How to Fuel and Prepare Yourself for Cardio

Outdoor cardio activities, particularly running and cycling, need you to be able to endure many things in order to need successful. For instance, you need to handle an elevated heart rate for a long amount of time. You need to deal with muscle cramps and fatigue. You’ll need to stay hydrated as you perspire.

When in the heat, you’ll need to be able to defeat dizziness. Taking care of energy stores is important as well.

You’ll also need to be able to fuel your body properly with nutrient rich foods. Fruits, nuts, vegetables, and seeds come to mind when it comes to fueling your body. Don’t get your fuel from empty foods such as candy, soda, cake, or anything else lacking in nutrition.

cardio fuel

Super foods, which are high in powerful nutrients, are a better source of food. Acai berry, hemp seeds, chia seeds, mixed berries, almonds, avocados, and spinach are all great foods that can fuel your workout. For an even better result, use them for smoothies. You can combine multiple superfoods in one delicious package.

Hydration is important as well, as many know. As you run or cycle, you need to make sure that you keep your fluids constant. You’ll lose them as you exercise. A lack in fluids can result in poor digestion, an unregulated body temperature, and dry mouth.

But fueling is just half the battle.

You’ll also need to do a few other things before, during, and after your workout.

One of them is to stretch before you begin. For instance, if you’re running, you should stretch your legs for optimal performance. Your legs will feel like they’re ready for work, and they’ll be much more mobile to boot. A few muscles you should target include your quads, calves, and hamstrings. Even your arms should be stimulated, but your legs are the main concern.

Breathing is also important. Well duh, you say, you need that to live. We’re not talking about that. We’re talking about deep breaths when you work out. This allows you to increase your blood flow to your heart better, adding oxygen to your muscles. Breathe through your nose and out your mouth, and do it constantly, even outside of working out.

It’s also all about your stride, especially when running. This means the posture and pace that works best. For many, it’s all dependent, but one good technique to try is to relax your body. Don’t put your knees too high and don’t land too hard on the pavement.

Also, don’t flap your arms and stay aware of how you breathe. When you cycle, you can also find your own stride that keeps you energized and gets the most out of workout. It will take a bit to find your perfect stride, but it will be worth it.

And as always, you should concentrate on working out those legs! If you have a gym, do a few exercises there. While better endurances comes with running and cycling more, doing workouts to strengthen your legs is a great supplement. One great exercise to do is a one-legged squat.

Balance yourself using one of your legs and squat as low as you can, all while maintaining balance during the entire exercises. Normal squats work as well. A few other good ones include jump rope, squat and lunge jumps, and calf raises.

There you go. You’re all set to run!

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