The Elliptical Trainer Vs The Treadmill for Home Exercise

There are a number of exercise machines present on the market today but if you’re serious about losing weight or improving your endurance, you have one of two options to choose from; the treadmill or the elliptical trainer. The big question here is: which machine will give you the best results?

The Treadmill

It all depends on your needs and physique. For example, the treadmill is the perfect choice for individuals who want to maintain their current figure or lose weight. Most professional athletes use treadmills such as the Freemotion 790 to maintain their figure. Of course one of the main benefits of owning a treadmill is that even if it’s raining outside you can still go on a ‘run.’ Secondly, some of the best treadmills that are available today give users the freedom to modify the incline of the ramp to their liking. Using a treadmill is much like running on a track field and this is why it’s the first choice for most runners.

Treadmills are built to carry up to 350lbs so this makes it a great choice for overweight individuals who want to lose weight.home exercise elliptical v treadmill

The Elliptical Trainer

One thing you’ll love about the elliptical trainer is that it allows you to adjust the resistance to test your limits. They come with bars that you can use to support your upper body when you’re working out and this makes it easier for you to burn fat and improve your heart’s health. Another benefit is that you can also increase the incline for greater intensity. Like the treadmill, elliptical machines such as the Sanibel i35 can withstand heavy weights, approximately up to 400 pounds.

The Perceived Rate of Exertion

To determine which machine is the best you will have to look at the perceived rate of exertion (PER). Without a doubt both the elliptical trainer and the treadmill can help you to burn calories but PER on the treadmill is higher to than that of the elliptical machine. Therefore, when you work out on the elliptical you won’t feel as tired as you do with the treadmill. The good thing here is that you can work out for longer periods and get good results without feeling burdened. The elliptical trainer does not allow you to work all the muscles you would on a treadmill but if you’re looking to shed fat and enhance aerobic fitness, try the elliptical Sole E25.

Which Machine Is Easier on The Knees

You certainly want to protect your knees, spine and hips so what you’re looking for is a low impact machine. The elliptical comes out on top here as well, if you use the treadmill you will definitely feel some impact.

How great the impact is depends on how you adjust the settings but it doesn’t change the fact that the elliptical has a lower PER and comes with pedals that you can place your feet on. Not only does this reduce the chances of you getting an injury, it’s the perfect remedy for injured joints. For instance, if you injured your knee while running you can use the elliptical trainer to stay active without causing more damage, something you can’t do with the treadmill. Additionally, low impact machines are ideal for people with arthritis and other joint related problems.

Upper and Lower Body Workout

Exercising on a treadmill doesn’t give your upper body the attention it needs, the focus is mainly on your legs. The handles on the elliptical trainer give your upper body support and if you’re looking at an advanced model like the Islamorada you can increase the endurance of all your core body muscles.

Who’s The Winner?

Simply by looking at the facts, it’s safe to say the elliptical trainer is the winner. Just think about the benefits it offers vs. the treadmill. It reduces injury, comes with a lower perceived rate of exertion and exercises your upper body strength. Sounds like a clear winner to me!

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