Shopping for the Latest Fitness Trends

Staying up-to-date with new trends isn’t just important in the fashion industry. A big part of being a fitness expert is being informed about what’s popping in the fitness world. In this post I’m going to explain to you why “dressing in the latest fashions” is important in the fitness world and why some “fashions” never stick around for too long.

Dealing With New Fitness Trends

Some of us prefer to stick with old trends we’re familiar with rather than embrace change. However, in the world of fitness, trends are often more about making work more fun, effective, and safe. Similar to how new fashion trends usually help you to look more stylish, fitness trends are geared towards helping you look better.

Like clothing fashions, some trends tend to resurface during some seasons. Thinking of fitness trends the same way you think of fashion trends is the easiest way to deal with change in trends

For instance, during winter we tend to wear more jackets and coats and once summer arrives we’ll put them away in the closet. Similarly, in the fitness industry there are some workouts that are more popular during winter. They will stick around for a few months and then they’ll disappear.

Then there are fitness trends that can never go out of style. Like the little black dress you always leave space for it in the closet regardless of what season we’re in. The “little black dress” in the fitness industry maybe some simple keep-fit workouts like riding a bicycle or jogging.

These exercises are always trending because they are easy and effective (and can fit any event like a little black dress). Looking at fitness trends in this way as helped me cope with a lot of changes.

Some workout trends; like martial arts techniques, salsa dancing and other dance styles, will only come around once in a while. These fitness trends are often combined with other trends and evolve overtime. If you check some old fitness books you’ll realize that a lot of modern workout techniques have many similarities to older techniques that are no longer around.

Trends that tend to vanish completely were generally ineffective, too strenuous, impractical, or simply not entertaining enough.  The good thing is that you’ll never run out of workout options – not with so many new fitness styles being introduced annually, that can be as interesting as trying a new game.

The best way to find a workout regime that’s right for you is to consider what interests you have before you decide to join a new fitness group, class, or sports team. Also, it’s important to stick with what you can manage.

Despite how excited you are about taking on an advanced workout routine during your first week, it can increase your frustration and the chances of injury. This is the main reason people end up abandoning their workout regimes altogether.

In this post I’ll share a few tips with you on how you can handle fitness trends. Think of it as your fitness shopping list.

Building Your Fitness Shopping List

Choose Fitness Trends That Incorporate Traditional Techniques: Stick with trends that incorporate some aspects of traditional techniques you like; whether it’s ballet dancing, martial arts, or weight training or using an elliptical machine. Combining different techniques helps to keep the spark alive a lot longer.

Avoid Strenuous Workouts That Promise Overnight Results: Strenuous workout trends generally cause more damage than good.  If it sounds too good to be true, keep your guard up, it probably is. A lot of people expect an overnight miracle when they start a fitness program and they often think that the more extreme the program is the better the results will be.

That’s not the case, and it’s the main reason why a lot of people I know give up on working out. I get the same question all the time: how can I get fit in a few weeks? Sadly, my answer is always the same: it’s better to take a moderate approach rather than try to get results fast and overwork yourself.

Adopt Trends That Relate To Your Fitness Goals: Say you’re training for cycling at the Olympics, you should select workout techniques that help to enhance your power and endurance, like weightlifting. If you want to improve muscle flexibility a short dance class may be helpful.

This is not to say that you can’t benefit from other techniques but you should always prioritize in staying true to your fitness goals. It could help to determine whether you go home with the gold or silver medal.

It’s Best To Take Baby Steps: It’s hard to go wrong when you start out small. Workout techniques that involve natural simple movements have been proven to be effective for people of different ages; whether they be beginners and fitness experts.

Simple functional workouts which build arm strength and muscles (squatting) can never grow old. Many people tend to overlook functional fitness exercises because of how basic they are. However, that does not mean that they are not effective.

Shop for Trends That Meet Your Budget: As with everything, expensive doesn’t always equate to better. If a fitness programs costs a fortune that doesn’t mean it is right for you. If there is a new trend that you want to try, find the most affordable option that fits your budget. Also many programs offer a free trial or DVDs that you can help you decide if a program is right for you.

Try Not To Overexert Yourself: The last thing that you should remember is that if you overexert yourself you’ll likely end up quitting. If you’re beginner, it is best to choose simple trends that doesn’t require a month’s salary and a whole lot of muscles. It’s more likely that you will resent the workout regime if you pressure yourself too much.

Just like fashion, I have fun adopting new fitness trends as well as sticking with old ones I’ve grown to love like the little black dress in my closet. My recommendation is that you try to have as much fun as you can while working out; similar to dressing up. Most importantly don’t overwork yourself and always put yourself health first.

Sound off in the comment section below about your favorite fitness trends or trends that you would like me to discus in future posts.

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