Eating Habits That Will Brighten Up Your Day

It’s pretty much a given that every human being out there wants to be healthy. When you are healthy, you feel like you can do almost anything, and that nothing stands in the way of you achieving your goals. But, even though we all wish to live healthy lives, very few of us actually do. Why is that?health_habits_21 We all know what we need to do in order to keep our bodies healthy and functioning properly, so what’s the problem?

The thing is, even though we know what we need to do, we are guilty of not actually going through with it. Knowing something is great, but implementing it in real life is an entirely different story.

In order to keep ourselves healthy, we need to do more for ourselves. Just knowing something will not be worth much in this case. People are often afraid to tackle their unhealthy habits, which can be extremely addictive. But, just as those unhealthy habits are addictive, healthy habits can become addictive as well, and you can get hooked on those in no time.

Only Eat If You Feel Hungry

One of the things you might find confusing when reading about the way you should eat is the number of meals per day. Lately, there has been lots of talk about eating several smaller meals throughout the day, in order to keep your metabolism active. While that is true, it also has some negative aspects. For instance, when you eat something, the sugar levels in your blood will be elevated while you digest what you have eaten.

If you are eating all the time, your blood sugar level will remain high, which can be hard on your digestive system. You can also develop resistance to insulin, which can lead to some other illnesses, like diabetes or polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should only eat once a day. Instead, try finding the right measure. Your metabolism will still be on its toes if you eat 3-4 times throughout the day, instead 5 or 6. Less meals means you will have a chance to feel hungry. When you are hungry, your body might access fat storage for energy.

Also, remember to drink plenty of water. Unlike food, water has no calories, which means you can drink as much of it as you like, and you should. Not only will it keep you hydrated, but it will also aid your digestion, help rid your body of toxins, help you feel refreshed and fight hunger between meals.

Eat Soon after You Get out of Bed

This is one of those habits you should adopt right now. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but a lot of it is down to when you eat it. Here’s why you should eat as soon as you get up:

  • Your energy levels will go through the roof
  • Your digestive system will wake up
  • You will feel refreshed and energized for the day ahead of you
  • Your metabolism will kick into high hear

Do Not Eat Anything after 9pm

As opposed to all the benefits of eating your breakfast early in the morning, eating your dinner later at night doesn’t have many, all because your metabolism has slowed down, as your body gets ready for a night of rest. Late dinners are one of the leading causes of obesity, as well as digestion problems and poor sleep. During the night, your body regenerates itself and rests from all the processes it has performed during the day, and that included the digestion of food. Giving it more work as you head off to bed will lower your energy levels the next day.

But, when you feel hungry, resisting the urge is easier said than done. What you can do is drink a glass of water, and perhaps squeeze some lime into it. You see, most of the urges you feel regarding the food are often false alarms. In most cases, you will want to eat out of stress, or to reward yourself, or maybe because you’re just feeling thirsty. If you feel like you simply must have something to eat, try blending some healthy veggies with water. This help you keep the hunger under control, and it will go a lot easier on your stomach than anything else.

Drank Raw Juice Every Day

Although drinking fresh juice has been around since forever, it has become extremely popular lately, and for a good reason. It is the healthiest way to intake fresh nutrients, apart from eating the actual fruit.green_smoothie_34You can make just about an endless number of combinations by mixing your favorite fruit and vegetables into a healthy, nutritious raw juice. But, it is wise to keep the ratio at 70 to percent in the favor of the veggies, since fruits are full of sugar, and you want to keep your sugar intake low.

The only downside to making and drinking raw juice every day is that it can turn out to be somewhat pricey. However, you can circumvent this issue to a certain extent by shopping at your local farmers market. They sell the produce at lower prices than your local supermarket, and because the farmers aim to sell all the produce that very same day, the veggies and fruit will be very fresh. Of course, you can still visit the supermarket and limit yourself to buying the produce which is on sale.

The Conclusion

Although drinking plenty of water, eating breakfast early in the morning, and juicing may seem like a fad which might go away sooner or later, you should stick to them, because the results and the benefits they provide are palpable. All of that does wonders for your body and your overall health. Start implementing all of these tips today. Thank us later.

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