Divorce and the Role of Modern Technology

Role of a Lawyer

In my line of work, I have come across all kinds of cases but no matter how different they are, they all have one thing in common: people. At the heart of every case, are people. The only thing that changes is the nature and the setting of their conflicts. It might be a case of harassment in the workplace, where one employee is suing his or her boss or other employees.

Or it can be the other way around, with the employer suing the worker for negligence, subpar work performance, or stealing. But, the most common type of cases I have handled over the course of my career as a lawyer is the one involving a divorce.

Personally, these types of cases are not my favorite because there is a lot emotions involved and it can get pretty messy. By messy, I mean the way people are willing to get back at one another, even though they used to share pretty much everything up until recently.

There are many reasons two people decide to divorce each other but in my experience one that most marital partners can’t get over is infidelity. While most cheaters are good at covering up their tracks, their spouses often sense something is wrong but they lack definitive proof. They want to be sure but it’s often next to impossible to expose a cheater for sure, as they usually refuse to confess.

Monitoring Software

But, there is a way. Most people are not familiar with spy software which can be installed on one’s phone. Take the time and visit https://acisni.com/, if you are interested in cell phone monitoring and want to know what it’s all about. There are several different spy apps available online The Spy Software Guide is a great resource with detailed reviews and guides to help you use the software.

When I first came across spy software I was amazed that ordinary people could get their hands on something so powerful. I guess this is a good example of how our dependence on technology might come back to haunt us – if we are up to no good!

Speaking as a lawyer, I can say that it’s not the most ethical way of going about it, but it’s often the only possible solution to the problem. The installation itself is very simple. The only thing one needs is access to his or her partner’s cell phone in order to install the app. From then on, they can monitor their activities, such as messages, call logs and browsing history.

Some of my clients resort to these measures because their divorce involves certain financial matters, so they need solid proof their partner is cheating on them, so they can get the money they are entitled to. Once they know for sure, they can proceed with the divorce.

There is a flipside to the same coin. Cheaters use modern technology to communicate, but they don’t realize it can be used against them, as well. Covering up tracks in today’s day and age where every move and every financial transaction is recorded and monitored, is almost impossible.

Like I pointed out earlier, divorce cases are probably the most common type of cases in my career so far. Needless to say, it is not pleasant for any party involved but modern technology, such as spy software, can get things done more quickly and make it less painful for everyone. Just be sure you don’t break the laws in your state by using these products.

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