Why Diet Sodas Aren’t Good for a Real Diet

The diet soda has become a novel concept in this society. People joke about ordering a large fry and a triple cheeseburger, but then adding a Diet Coke so they don’t get fat. That said, these sodas do only have zero calories or close to zero, so it seems like the right choice if you […]

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Eating Habits That Will Brighten Up Your Day

It’s pretty much a given that every human being out there wants to be healthy. When you are healthy, you feel like you can do almost anything, and that nothing stands in the way of you achieving your goals. But, even though we all wish to live healthy lives, very few of us actually do. […]

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Starting Building Your Organic Diet Today

You’ve all heard it – “you are what you eat” and if this is true that mean most of us are “additives”. Sure, this is a disturbing notion; food additives are associated with various health problems, from minor allergic reactions to life threatening cancers. So, for those of us who are distraught by the thought […]

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Probiotic Food You’ll Wish You Were Eating

Coexisting with bacteria is not something us humans are proud of. However, when it comes to regulating the digestive system, fighting chronic diseases and preventing us from becoming predisposed to allergies, I am a proud advocate for some of these organisms. The food you eat plays an important role in coexisting with the friendly bacteria […]

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The Paleo Diet for Beginners

From nutritionists to holistic professional athletes to fitness enthusiasts, it seems like everyone has caught the Paleo fever. The Paleo Diet has gained steam as one the most popular diets trending today as more and more people learn why it is important to get back to our dietary roots. Many Paleo enthusiasts have attested to […]

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